Compact micro cut SMC 15 office shredder

Shredder SMC 15 comes with excellent design for high performance with safe operation featuring multifunction control element with integrated optical indicators for the operational status.

  • Small cutting size for higher security
  • Shredding operation is ultra quite
  • User friendly shredding operation
  • Sealed dust free design
  • Informative operation panel
  • Automatic stop on full bin

SMC 15 is fitted with visual control panel for ease of operation making its operations easy for everyone.  It features a 225mm wide throat size, allowing it to handle standard sized papers, paperclips, staples and credit cards. 

The visual information panel mounted on top provides clear indications for the operation actions such as opening of bin, when the bin is full and other conditions that require attention. Anti-jam technology prevents paper jams, ensuring smooth operation.

SMC 15 is equipped with a pull-out waste bin for easy emptying.High-quality cabinet with convenient, environmentally-friendly shred bin made of impact-resistant plastic with 32.2 litre volume. An additional safety feature is provided with SMC 15. To avoid paper jams SMC 15 provides automatic reverse and power cut-off. Also, the shredder automatically stops if the shred bin is full.

SMC 15 Microcut Specifications

Insertion Width

225 mm

Sheet Capacity

15 (A4 paper, 70 gsm)

Shred Bag Volume

32.2 litres

Cut Style


Shred Speed

2.5 m/min

Cutting Width

2 x 15 mm

Machine Dimensions

442 x 339 x 689 mm (W x D x H)


27 kg

Manual Reverse


Overload Protection


Automatic Start/Stop


Bin Full Indicator