External return Address

What have a boomerang and a franked imprint with a return address got in common?  

They both can be returned to sender!

Due to factors outside An Post’s control, such as incorrect address, your mail cannot always be delivered so it has to be ‘Returned to Sender’.

However, without an ERA on the envelope, returning the mail to you can be a challenge.

If you are not receiving your returned mail this can cause problems for your company:

  • Invoices can go unpaid
  • Events are unattended
  • Announcements are unheard

Without the return of your undelivered mail your customer database will also become outdated and you will be wasting time and money in trying to contact customers who are no longer in business or have moved premises.

Neopost strongly supports the use of ERA on outgoing post

If you are a Neopost customer there is a very easy way to add an ERA to your franked mail.  If your Neopost franking machine is an ‘IS’ or ‘IJ’ model, Neopost can provide you with a return address which can be added to your franking imprint.

To order your ERA now or to find out more call our Sales Team today on 1850 33 44 55 or email them directly.