Neopost your #1 Choice for Mailroom Solutions

Neopost your #1 Choice for Mailroom Solutions

January 2010 
The mail flow is at the very core of any organisation. It plays a strategic role, transporting important documents – invoices, statements, contracts, tenders, confidential citizen information etc. The mail flow provides the very link between your organisation and your customers.

Whilst it is imperative that the documentation you send is sent professionally and on time, often the expense and resources it takes to manage the mail run are overlooked. Many organisations are unaware of the range of solutions available to assist in the automation of the mail run as well as the bulk mail discounts available from An Post for large volumes of post when using a mailing solution.

Technology has advanced significantly in the mailing solutions arena. Where previously it could take a number of days and drain staff resources to manage a mail run, today, 1000’s of items can be fulfilled and posted in one day, with one operator, in a fluid and economical manner. The mail run can now be managed automatically using folding & inserting solutions, franking machines and document output software.

There are many benefits to investing in automated mailing solutions:-

Are your people being utilised to the best of their abilities? Often we find that organisations are under-utilising their people during busy mailing periods in an attempt to get the outgoing mail delivered on time. This can have a debilitating effect on the organisation where resources are focused on ensuring the mail run is managed and core duties are neglected.

Time and time again we experience a lack of awareness surrounding the potential savings that can be made by streamlining the mailing process. An initial investment in an automated mailing solution can offer significant human resource costs and ensure your people are deployed more efficiently in the organisation.  Significant postal discounts are also available to organisations that use a franking machine. Depending on the size of the outgoing mail run savings of up to 10 cent per item can be achieved.

If your organisation is responsible for issuing tenders, citizen information or data of a sensitive nature it is imperative that adequate security measures are in place to ensure the integrity of the outgoing documentation. Solutions have been developed to ensure that documentation has been fulfilled and prepared for post whilst ensuring the correct documentation has been sent to the intended recipient only. Automated output solutions will ensure data protection guidelines are managed whilst eliminating the need for human intervention thus avoiding human error. External return address capability is now available on mailing systems to cater for undelivered mail, ensuring data of a sensitive nature is returned to your organisation promptly whilst allowing you to update customer databases on an ongoing basis.