Introducing the DS-75 Folder Inserter

When Mail Matters Get More with the DS-75

Work More Efficiently
With the DS-75 unique Load’N’Go feature there is no need to be a skilled operator.  Simply load your documents and the Load’N’Go will automatically measure your document and envelope and adjust settings to insert and deliver a professionally finished mail piece.

Choose more Configurations
The DS-75 now offers up to 7 different configurations allowing you to design and deliver messages that contribute to effective Direct Mail Campaigns.

Load More Envelopes
The DS-75 brings more efficiency allowing the operator to load up to 325 envelopes thus reducing time spent loading.

Feed More Pages
The DS-75 now allows the user to load and feed up to 325 pages onto a standard Flexfeeder.  With the new High Capacity Feeder, operators can load up to 725 sheets  thus giving more efficiency, capacity and time savings.

Process More Documents
The DS-75 now can process up to 3600 documents per hour.  With more processing speed, documents can now reach your customers quicker.

Stack More Envelopes
With the DS-75 new High Capacity Vertical Stacker (HCVS), up to 500 envelopes can be unloaded every 8 minutes thus reducing the unloading time to the operator.

Documents More Secure
The DS-75 offers you the ability to add optional security markings to your documents.  The software allows you to process documents with varying pages and inserts to protect the integrity of sensitive customer information.  You can group by a set criteria, e.g. Invoice number thus allowing collation of multiple pages for same recipient

When you need more from your Document System choose the DS-75.  It gives you more efficiency, speed and savings.