Are you Pushing the Envelope?

Push the Envelope

Neopost is committed to assisting your business in drivig down the cost of your outgoing mail whilst also highlighting the opportunities of utilising your mail to communicate with your customers.   Read on as An Post outlines some great ways you can maximise your mail practices to drive down costs and potentially boost revenue.

In today’s difficult environment, reduced marketing budgets and declining customer bases are common challenges facing managers, making it tougher than ever to grow business and drive sales.  It is becoming more important to make the most of every opportunity, utilising every sales tool and resource available.

Despite these growing challenges, it is surprising that many managers don’t seize the opportunity to make their day-to-day mail work harder for them.  Did you know that it costs the same to send 20g as it does to send 100g and as most bills and statements are under 50g, budget strapped businesses could be using this space to include inserts or promotions with no extra postage costs.

Mail, in any context, is a strong communications tool that gets your message directly into the hands of your customer.  Bills or statements usually demand a customer’s full attention, so it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to them at a time when they are focused on what you have to say.

Often communications that your business is required to send could be used more effectively such as bills, statements, rates changes, safety notices or product updates. Use these opportunities to give your customers a little extra and keep them interested with exclusive promotions, discounts, coupons or competitions.

Cost saving tips and relevant information are always popular with customers.

Not only will you be using the full capacity of your postal weight band, you can even turn a fixed cost into a potential revenue generator by reaching customers directly with relevant messages.  You could even profit by selling the extra weight space to appropriate companies who would love to talk to your customers.

Your knowledge of your existing customers is a huge competitive advantage – make sure you’re using it. Maximise the data that you have available to create more targeted communications to your customers – the more relevant the message, the more effective it will be.

Believe it or not, you can save money by simply including a return address on your mail.

Undelivered mail with a return address is sent back to you quickly, this allows you to update your databases more frequently. Not only will you avoid the expense of sending mail to incorrect addresses, but you can also avoid delays in payment of invoices and bills.

It makes sense to maximise relationships with customers by making the most of your day-to-day mail.

There are many businesses successfully using their spare envelope capacity to cross sell, up sell, reward loyal customers, promote special offers and so much more.