Your Mailing Partner

We simplify and optimise the preparation and tracking of mail and parcels

At Neopost our aim is to ensure all solutions we develop are designed to integrate together to enhance our complete end to end solution.
Streamling business efficiency, minimise resources required and enhance the output of your business mail.

Let Us Help You

When you partner with Neopost India, you are dealing with an organisation that has three decades of experience world wide. Neopost India has one task and one goal; it works to ensure that your mailroom performs optimally. 

We are
  • DGS&D rate approved.
  • Dedicated, local mailing solutions provider since 2008.
  • Having Pan India presence through network.
  • Unrivalled service reputation.
  • Company with over 300 years of service support experience in the mailroom equipment market worldwide.
  • All sales, service and accounts are handled locally through your dedicated local account manager.
  • Solution provider for complete range of franking and folding inserting solutions for businesses of all sizes, from desktop to production levels.

Neopost mailing systems provide solutions at the leading edge of technology to meet all mailing needs, no matter what size your business.

All Neopost solutions are compact, noiseless and designed to fit your office environment and business activity.

Our solutions will save you time and money whilst boosting your efficiency and are easily upgraded should your business needs evolve.

Choose Neopost India for

  • Dependable, state-of-the-art mailing addressing shipping and document handling hardware and software.
  • Consultancy with industry experts for assessing your company's mailing needs and recommending efficient and effective solutions.
  • Timely after-sale supplies to ensure peak performance of your mailing operations.
  • Professional customer service and Support.
  • Expert maintenance services.

Understanding the very specific requirements of our customers is key to the success of Neopost. Over the years, Neopost have invested in research to improved the functionality of our folding and inserting solutions.

Neopost India can help you optimize your mailing, shipping and documentation processes, regardless of the size of your company.

Through hard work and technical excellence we are able to offer our customers, solutions that can save valuable time and money.

When it comes to selecting the right partner to simplify and manage your mailroom operations, there is no better choice than Neopost India.