Total Control over your Company's Mailings with PrintMachine

Total Control over your Company's Mailings!


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25% of your company’s turnover is spent on document handling, and 20% of your employee’s time is spent in dealing with documents

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PrintMachine is perfect for low to high volume mailing operations.

Features of PrintMachine

Simple Integration

PrintMachine document output management software supports the most commonly used preformatted print data types. It allows you to easily install and implement into your current document processing environment.

Cost Savings

Printmachine cuts down the cost for undeliverable mail with the “Certified Address Management Software”. It helps eliminating the cost of printing and storing pre-printed forms by personalising customer communications.


The software automatically groups together independent documents that are marked to the common address into the same envelope, saving you postage and material cost. Supports batched printing to increase mailroom postal savings.

Enhanced Productivity

Manual sorting is highly reduced due to its ability to process mail automatically. It improves workflow by providing options of multiple input and output options. You can print the job on multiple printers at same time due to its high performance parallel printing ability.

Process Management

It helps automate document production, distribution, dispatch and archiving as an overall managed process. To control inserting systems for reliable and flexible content management it adds intelligent OMR marks or bar codes to documents. It effectively communicates with output and inserting solution to provide selective feeding of documents. The operator’s dashboard allows you to monitor the jobs.

Effective Communications

To achieve maximized impact it helps you format the output of your business applications such as invoices, statements, policies, pay slips and other documents. The document designing is simple and flexible, wither personalised for a recipient or can be standard system generated. It allows you to have unified document design thereof enhancing company image. It allows dynamic integration of graphics to beautify the document look and feel.