Ensured integrity of your mailing during production

Are you sure that your printed jobs are actually being mailed?


As success of every business depends on secure mail process, Neopost has developed the solution Mail Piece Production Control builds an audit trail for each production job. This solution provides you with real-time mail process quality control and detailed line-item reports mails printed.

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During live production a scanner checks every document by reading a barcode which is a unique ID added to each letter within the address block. If the scanner finds an error Mail Piece Production Control provides immediate feedback on a PC screen, this allows the operator to fix the problem immediately.


What Neopost Mail Piece Control Offers You?


MPPC assures that mail jobs are accurate and complete by real-time failure detection of missing or 'out-of-order' mail pieces.


For each mail production job, MPPC provides printed reports as 'Proof of Mailing'.


MPPC is available for DS-70 Folder Inserter, DS-80 Folder Inserter, DS-86 Folder Inserter and SI-92 Folder Inserter.


How Neopost Mail Piece Control works?


The document system can be equipped with Mail Piece Production Control. This option enables the system to verify the inserted documents or sets of documents with a database, which is generated while printing the documents. If any mail piece is missing at the exit of the inserter the system will give a warning.

Simple Steps to Mailing Integrity:



For individual identification, each document is tagged with a unique 2D barcode to the address block.



The documents are reconciled with the original document print stream database in real time with the envelope window scan.



Integrity Control Dashboard provides real time alerts for any out-of-sequence, missing, duplicate, misread or invalid document discrepancies during production. The MPPC intelligence can reprint, process and re-scan any missing documents, making reconciliation simple.



Intelligent Verification Reports feature is designed to run reporting that delivers full audit trail capabilities by line item, and creates status reports of each production run.