Modular performance that boosts your mailroom efficiency

Looking for sophisticated mail management system with speed and dependability, IJ-90 at the heart of your mailing system gives you all.

  • Processes in excess of 13,600 articles per hour
  • Feed and seal mail up to 16mm thick
  • Accurately weigh mail in-motion and apply exact postage
  • Control and allocate postal costs for up to 500 accounts
  • Connect to a pc to track, analyse and manage postal expenditures

Transform your mailroom productivity at lower costs

IJ-90’s modular design is most suited to grow with your needs, matching the standards of reliability and optimize productivity levels at your business. The IJ-90 franking machine gives you maximum performance with quiet operation as a high-speed, easy to use solution.


A Wide Range of Accessories for a Tailor-Made Solution

Looking for a franking machine that is truly modular and can be customized with add-on options and features as your needs evolve; Neopost IJ-90 is the answer. Parts can be replaced in minutes, simplifying maintenance and ensuring maximum efficiency. The high-capacity Neopost IJ-90’s feeder, with an adjustable side guide holds your large stacks of mail in place. High-volume, same sized mailings are dealt with in minutes, and an optional conveyor-stacker neatly collects your mail – saving even more time and boosting mailroom productivity.


Maximum Flexibility in Handling Envelopes

With the IJ-90 franking solution, productivity comes with flexibility. The mixed mail feeder gives you the ability to handle variable size envelopes, both portrait and landscape, saving your presorting time. It also handles all kinds of envelopes – nested or non-nested, which can be sealed or not according to your needs.


A Wide Choice of Weighing Options

Neopost i-Weigh™ dynamic scale can weigh items of up to 1kg in-motion and adjusts the postal rate automatically and accurately. The IJ-90 franking machine can interface with optional external scales or integrated weighing platforms giving it a capability of differential weighing up to 30kg. The built-in label dispenser or optional thermal roll tape dispenser can be used for large letters or parcels.

Project a Quality Image

Project a Quality Image

To give your mail a professional look it prints clean, clear and sharp with its 100% inkjet and 100% digital technology. Load up to nine customised slogans using memory cards. You can add your company name, greetings – even logos and photographs.
Keep Operating Costs under Control

Keep Operating Costs under Control

The convenient to replace ink cartridge of IJ-90 helps reduce operating costs of the franking machine by producing an extremely high volume of impressions per cartridge at a very low cost.
Touch-Screen Technology Makes Operating Easy

Touch-Screen Technology Makes Operating Easy

A clear, intuitive one-touch interface of IJ-90 makes it operator friendly for walk-up mail or professional high-volume mails. Its operation is easy for first-time users and time saving for experienced operators.
Performance at the Core of Your Mailing System

Performance at the Core of Your Mailing System

When IJ-90 is integrated with folder inserter machine you can fold, insert, seal, weigh and frank all in one automatic process, giving you all the power of a complete mailroom solution with continuous, ready to mail processing.
Better Mail Management with Advanced Accounting

Better Mail Management with Advanced Accounting

Connect IJ-90 to a PC equipped with Neopost’s Postage Management Software to track, allocate and analyse your postal costs for upto 500 department, postal rates and time periods.

IJ-90 Franking Machine Specifications

Operational Efficiency
  • Speed (standard) : Up to 220 envelopes/mn
  • Speed (dynamic weighing) : Up to 130 envelopes/mn
  • Envelope minimum-maximum length : 127mm-381mm
  • Envelope minimum-maximum width : 90mm-305mm
  • Envelope thickness : Up to 16mm
  • Envelope orientation : Portrait or landscape
  • Mixed Mail Autofeed : Standard
  • Label dispenser : Up to 70
  • Job memory : 10
  • Weigh platforms (optional) : 3kg, 5kg, 10kg or 30kg
  • Electronic scales (optional) : 3kg, 5kg or 10kg
  • Dynamic scale (optional) : 1kg
  • Conveyor-stacker (optional) : Yes
  • Thermal roll tape dispenser (optional) : Up to 600 labels
  • Mailroom furniture (optional) : Yes
Mail Quality & Security
  • Slogans : 9
  • Mini dies : 9
  • Text messages : 9
  • E-Confirmation scanner (optional) : Yes
Budget Optimisation
  • High capacity ink tank : Yes
  • Proportion-based rate detection : Yes
  • Departmental management : 100, 200 or 500
  • Mail accounting software (optional) : Yes
Online Management
  • Rates and slogans updates : Yes
  • Postage re-crediting : Yes
  • Activity analysis : Yes
System Specifications
  • Base
    • Length x Height x Depth : 335 x 250 x 460 (mm)
    • Weight : 15kg
  • Including Mixed Mail AutoFeed
    • Length x Height x Depth : 1052 x 321 x 460 (mm)
    • Weight : 41.5kg
  • Power requirements : Operates on 240V