Speed, efficiency and simplicity that outperforms your expectations

The Versatile Franking Solution for Offices and Busy Mailrooms.

  • Process up to 150 envelopes per minute
  • Feed mail up to 16mm thick
  • Automatically seal envelopes and apply exact postage
  • Program up to 10 jobs into memory for one-touch activation
  • Control and allocate postal costs for up to 200 accounts
  • Connect to a pc to track, analyse and manage postal expenditures

Easily monitor and control your mail

Make Light Work of Long Runs

Make Light Work of Long Runs

The IJ-70 franking machine has an automatic feeder with a capacity of up to 150 letters a minute. A sealer automatically closes gummed envelopes. To neatly collect your franked mail you can add a conveyor-stacker.
Better Cost Control

Better Cost Control

With IJ 70 allocate the postage expense to about 200 cost centers and get your accounting records printed onto franking labels or through an external printer.
The Simple Solution to All Sized Mail

The Simple Solution to All Sized Mail

To automatically calculate correct postage IJ-70 franking machine can be interfaced with integrated weigh platforms or additional scales. IJ-70 supports differential weighing for assorted mails and parcels, which calculates the postage for each piece removed from the platform.
Project a Quality Image

Project a Quality Image

Sharp and clear printing with 100% inkjet and 100% digital technology gives you a professional look. Load upto nine customised slogans using memory cards or add your company name, greetings, marketing slogans – even logos and photographs.
Easy to Use, Whatever the Job

Easy to Use, Whatever the Job

The Neopost IJ-70 franking machine has easy-to-read display and one-touch controls making operations easy; where as the easy replaceable long-lasting ink cartridges reduce cost-per-impression. And the changes in postal rates can easily be uploaded using digital memory cards.
Postal Expenditures Management at Hand

Postal Expenditures Management at Hand

Export IJ-70 accounting data by directly connecting to a PC for reports, advanced cost tracking and analysis with Neopost’s Postage Accounting and Management software.

IJ-70 Franking Machine Specifications

Operational Efficiency
  • Speed (standard) : Up to 150 envelopes/mn
  • Speed (dynamic weighing) : Up to 85 envelopes/mn
  • Envelope minimum-maximum length : 140mm-324mm
  • Envelope minimum-maximum width : 90mm-229mm
  • Envelope thickness : Up to 16mm
  • Envelope orientation : Portrait or landscape
  • Autofeed : Standard
  • Label dispenser : Up to 70
  • Job memory : 10
  • Weigh platforms (optional) : 3kg, 5kg, 10kg or 30kg
  • Electronic scales (optional) : 3kg, 5kg or 10kg
  • Dynamic scale (optional) : 1kg
  • Conveyor-stacker (optional) : Yes
Mail Quality & Security
  • Slogans : 9
  • Mini dies : 9
  • Text messages : 9
Budget Optimisation
  • Proportion-based rate detection : Yes
  • Departmental management : 50 or 200
  • Mail accounting software (optional) : Yes
Online Management
  • Rates and slogans updates : Yes
  • Postage re-crediting : Yes
  • Activity analysis : Yes
System Specifications
  • Base
    • Length x Height x Depth : 570 x 250 x 460 (mm)
    • Weight : 17.4kg
  • Including AutoFeed
    • Length x Height x Depth : 840 x 250 x 460 (mm)
    • Weight : 29.4kg
  • Power requirements : Operates on 240V