Do You Know How Much Your Business Spends on Postage?


Postage meters simplify mail handling, helping businesses process outgoing mail quickly and efficiently. They also help businesses ensure the right postage is paid for different sizes and weights of letters and packages according to the class of mail. That’s all to the good for smooth business operations, but today’s postage meters can also provide important accounting information, giving businesses a clear view of how much they spend on postage and from which parts of the business.

The postage meter used to do one thing and one thing only – print stamps to prove that postage on mail had been paid. That alone for many years made it a vital time-saving piece of office equipment. Now, the postage meter can do so much more. It weighs items, prints logos and other information onto envelopes along with the postage, receives automatic mail pricing updates online, automatically feeds items through at high speed and a whole lot more besides.

More than just a piece of office equipment, the digital postage meter now completes the circle of mail handling by providing a feedback loop on postage costs. The information it holds reveals overall postage spend and where that spend has come from within the business.

This information is valuable. Without an insight into costs, a business can’t make decisions on where savings can be made. It can’t reconcile its accounting and, when it needs to allocate mailing charges back to clients or other stakeholders, without automation it’s a laborious and time-consuming activity.

If your postage meter is coming to its end of life, look out for an up-to-date model that tracks spend so that you can:

  • See how much your business spends on postage
  • Clearly align postal costs with projects or departments
  • Identify opportunities to reduce postage costs in some departments
  • Make manual reconciliation errors a thing of the past.

Neopost can help you make the right postage meter decision. Find out how.