Producing contemporary plastic comb bound documents with ease

An electric dual-functioning binding machine, the BCE-15 is capable of electric comb binding and three-hole punching. The effective electric motor allows punching of upto 15 pages at a time, with a binding capacity of up to 500 sheets. The effort behind manually punching the papers is removed with the electric punch. Neopost BCE 15 is ideal for small to medium volume binding. BCE 15 combined punch and bind machine is simple to use and is suitable for general office use.

  • Robust construction
  • 2 in 1 paper slot punch by Easy Switch
  • Adjustable paper margin
  • Waste bin to collect paper chips
  • Efficient convenient and durable
  • Adjustable punching depth
  • Vertical punch throat
  • Desktop combo binding machine
  • Convenient and easy operation
  • Wire size Measurement gauge

BCE 15, a machine with advanced engineering technology featuring a vertical punch throat for accurate paper alignment. The adjustable punching depth control of the binder allows selection of the margin from the edge of the page for placing the holes. The built-in margin guide accommodates various paper sizes.

BCE-15 Electric Comb Binding Machine Specifications


Dual function. Electric punch and manual bind.

Punching Capacity

15 sheets (80 gsm)

Binding Capacity

6 to 51 mm (500 pages, 80 gsm)

Edge Guide

Adjustable at A4, A4 Letter

Paper Loading


Punching Depth

Adjustable at 2.5 mm, 4.5 mm

Machine Dimensions

410 mm x 200 mm x 392 mm (W x H x D)


14.2 kg