Capability to feed isolated or priority document without stopping the process

Range LSA offers human intervention for processing of document even with a constant speed up to 380 DPM regardless of the processing, every action and decision necessary for the processing are taken care during the document transport. 

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To increase the productivity and save time of your staff LSA provides full information & data in real time.

The open transport path enables in reduced risk of jam due to the document visibility. The belt driven technology offers Range LSA a great flexibility for handling the documents of various size and weight at the same time. This ensures that the intervention time is always limited and documents are always safe.

The MICR lines printed complies with all the standards guidelines & rules (CMC7 or E13B)

Even during business peak hours the LSA makes it possible to process at high speed. LSA enables you to process with equal capability various documents such as cheques, vouchers, meal tickets, gift tickets or receipt and other document which requires data retrieval, encoding, printing or sorting.

Range LSA provides a secondary feeder with the capability to feed isolated or priority document without stopping the process.

Added modules available
  • Two exit pocket sorting module
  • One Reject pocket
  • Twelve exit pocket sorting module
  • Front printing module: Graphic ink jet technology
  • 110 DPM
  • 210 DPM
  • 330 DPM (documents per minute)
  • Bank Checks and associated documents
  • Meal-tickets
  • Gifts-vouchers
  • Holidays-vouchers
  • Envelopes
  • Vote and survey documents
  • Other documents (contact us)
  • Main feeder up to 400 mixed documents
  • Refeeding in process
  • Secondary drop on feeder
  • Ultrasonic double feed detector
  • MICR line reading ( CMC7 or E13B)
  • Upstream Front & downstream back scanning after endorsement
  • Sorting capacity: up to 48 pockets
  • Back graphic endorsement
  • Front graphic printing (added module) with scanner after printing
  • The LSA range can be equipped with magnetic ink jet encoding module.
  • Doctored documents detection available by UV, IR or transparency upstream Front scanner