Neopost Digital Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

Range LA machines reach up a speed of 48,000 docs per hour regardless of the nature and needs of process and this is made possible by the innovative technology used with in LA.

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As the information is being made available in real time, all the decisions can be made during transportation of documents for higher productivity.

The ergonomics of the documents path and location of the various functions are completely modifiable to your requirements. Range LA provides the capability to keep the same footprints for the documents without adding any additional module, whatever your needs are.

All actions & decisions are made during handling of documents. The images of scanned documents are available on the screen & on the flow for a better & continuous quality control.

LA range brings the flexibility of handling documents of various size and weight and also ensures minimum downtime by reducing the jam handling time to minimum. The intervention time is limited and documents are always safe. This is made possible by handling the documents using belts and using open path for transport.

Facility for encoding magnetic ink can be easily integrated into LA range.

  • Ease of Use
  • Minimum downtime
  • Faster Processing
  • Time saving
  • Batch processing
  • Secure processing
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • 350 DPM
  • 600 DPM
  • 800 DPM (documents per minute)
  • Bank Cheques and associated documents
  • Meal-tickets
  • Gifts-vouchers
  • Holidays-vouchers
  • Envelopes
  • Vote and survey documents
  • Other documents (contact us)
  • Main feeder up to 3200 mixed documents
  • Feeding without prior document repositioning by operator: head to tail and multi-face
  • Re-feeding in process
  • Double upstream scanner (free location)
  • Double downstream scanner (free location)
  • Ultrasonic double feed detector
  • Double MICR line reader ( CMC7 or E13B)
  • Sorting capacity: up to 48 pockets
  • Back and/or graphic printer
  • Doctored documents detection available by UV, IR or transparency upstream Front scanner